Some of the most powerful learning happens when we can get hands-on help at the right time. Here are the coaching sessions that teachers were interested in for the 2016-17 school year. If you would like to learn more about these topics – or if you have another aspect of Google Suites you’d like to explore – ┬áplease contact me to schedule a time to meet.

Chromebook Basics – Are you new to a Chromebook yourself? Or rolling out Chromebooks in your classroom? A few tricks and basics can help you get started.

Google + for Professional Use – Have you wondered how you might use Google+ to connect with other educators and grow yourself professionally? Let’s walk through the basics of creating a profile, following others, joining communities, and sharing.

Google Drive Basics – Are you struggling to master using Google Drive for yourself and with your students? Getting organized in Drive is one of the first steps.

Google Apps and Extensions for Busy English Teachers – Are you comfortable with Google Drive and Classroom but looking for ways to be more efficient in managing papers, giving feedback, and incorporating digital literacy in your classes? Some fantastic apps and extensions can only enhance what you are already doing.